The Stream, December 22: Gold Mining Replaces the Cocaine Trade in Parts of Latin America

The Global Rundown Above average rainfall in the Sierra Nevada…

Infographic: U.S. Surface Water Pollution by State

More than half of the country's lakes and rivers are not meeting water quality standards.

U.S. Clean Water Law Needs New Act for the 21st Century

Seminal water law does not address nation's emerging water pollution challenges.

United States Clean Water Rule Quandary Begins On Land

EPA’s Clean Water Rule confronts deep-rooted farm resistance.…

Wisconsin Iron Mine Plans Abandoned Due to Wetlands

EPA action under Clean Water Act cited as determining factor.…

The Stream, March 7: Australia Floods Stir Murray-Darling Debate

Extensive flooding in Australia makes the need to implement a…

The Stream, February 13: Global Ice Melt

Climate The global ice melt from 2003 to 2010 resulted in enough…

The Stream, January 18: Commercial Agriculture Displaces Ethiopians

Agriculture The Ethiopian government is relocating thousands…

Advance of the Invader: Asian Carp Continue March to Northern Waters

Live carp have been found in North Dakota and past the electric barriers in Chicago. As the carp push forward, Michigan and other Great Lakes states are once again asking the U.S. Supreme Court to speed up action to stop the advance of the invader.