Chennai’s Security Tied to Cleaning Up Its Water

Water supply and quality motivate Tamil Nadu’s most dynamic social movements.

This is Tamil Nadu

A storm-swept southern Indian state displays uncommon civility, camaraderie, and great food
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India’s Toxic Trail of Tears

An unending legacy of poisoning, pollution, and chemical pain.
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Pursuing Riches, Miners Plunder Tamil Nadu’s River Sand

Unrelenting demand for cement drives the illegal and damaging sand mining industry.
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A Torrent of Water and Concrete Imperil Chennai’s IT Boom

Ecological distress imperials Chennai's IT corridor.
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Water Scarcity Causes Cauvery Delta Anguish

Worst drought in 140 years leads to farmer deaths, water riots, policy impasse.
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Chased by Drought, Rising Costs, and Clean Technology, India Pivots on Coal-Fired Power

World’s third-largest coal user joins China and U.S. in shift from black fuel.