Boil-Water Advisory in Effect, Low Water Pressure Impacts Austin Hospitals

After days without power, millions in Texas are now facing a water crisis.

Texas Winter Storm Cripples Power, Water Systems

Electric outages result in cuts to water service across the state of Texas.

When It Rains, Texas Forgets Drought and Worsening Water Scarcity

In Texas, dry years reveal a momentous confrontation as residents encounter the menacing consequence of runaway growth.

EPA Cleanup Plan for Houston Superfund Site Opposed by Industry

The San Jacinto waste pits were flooded during Hurricane Harvey.…

Texas Water Board Approves $US 62 Billion Water Plan

Plan guides state response to drought. By Brett Walton,…

Infographic: Brackish Water Desalination Plants in Texas

Less salty than the sea, brackish water is poised for wider use…

2016 Preview: Brackish Groundwater Takes a Star Turn

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Texas Fund Turns Oil Dollars into Water Investments

Houston is the big winner in first round of state financing for new water infrastructure fund.

Price of Water 2015: Up 6 Percent in 30 Major U.S. Cities; 41 Percent Rise Since 2010

As urban water use declines, utilities change business models. Graphic…

Central Texas Drought Is Worst on Record

Competition for water prompts a quest for new sources.

Study: Decades-long ‘Megadroughts’ in U.S. Southwest and Central Plains More Likely Due to Climate Change

Droughts that are extreme by today’s standards will be normal by the end of the century, according to NASA research.

San Antonio Pipeline Continues Texas Water Rush

America’s seventh-largest city debates a pipeline project worth billions as the second-fastest-growing state faces more demands for water in its third year of severe drought.