The Stream, January 30: U.S. Natural Gas Reserves

Just how much natural gas is there in the United States? A recent…
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EIA Report: Global Energy Use To Grow 50 Percent by 2035 — Half of Increase from Fossil Fuels in China and India

The U.S. Energy Information Administration recently published its annual report on global energy projections. Though renewable energy sources and nuclear power, along with unconventional fossil fuels, will phase out coal production over the next two decades, it will not be at the pace necessary to offset greenhouse gas emissions

The Stream, August 17: Invasive Species in Lake Michigan

Has Lake Michigan become unfishable? The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel…
Susitna River approved for Dam

Alaska Governor Authorizes $4.5 Billion Dam Project

Throughout many parts of the United States, old dams are being removed. But in Alaska, the state legislature and the governor want to build what would be one of the nation’s tallest hydroelectric facilities. If built, the 200-meter dam on the Susitna River would be the nation’s fifth tallest.

Uncertain Future for Shale Gas in Europe — Accepted by U.K., Rejected by France, Others Undecided

Despite getting a go-ahead in the U.K., shale gas faces an uncertain future in Europe.