U.S. Farm Irrigation Becomes More Efficient, Moves East

Federal data show that U.S. farms use less water and are investing…

Census of Agriculture Data Is Christmas for Farm Nerds

Farm data galore – by county and state, as well as nationally. Every…

Spending to Conserve Water on California Farms Will Not Increase Supply

Benefits go to agriculture, but won’t help cities.
Cotton irrigation dryland farming Ogallala Aquifer Texas

Texas High Plains Prepare for Agriculture Without Irrigation

Southern farmers are making changes now to wean themselves from the Ogallala Aquifer, a water source that gave rise to industrial agriculture and modern life on its plains.
Cotton sorghum agriculture farming irrigation Ogallala Aquifer water Texas USDA

Report: USDA Says Farmers Expected to Plant More Water-efficient Crops in 2013

Though corn acreage is forecasted to rise slightly over last year's planting, the biggest jump is predicted for sorghum, which uses less water.

Price of Corn and Soybeans Reached All-Time Highs in July, World Bank Says

The price of five internationally-traded staple crops rose 10…

U.S. Drought Recap, August 6-10

Government reports show the U.S. is still hot and dry. Rain Nearly…
Shanghai Drought

Rains Bring Relief For Six-Month China Drought, But Chronic Water Problems Loom

Although now satiated, the dry spell is the latest in a growing trend of severe water shortages threatening China's food production, energy generation, and accelerating modernization.
France Drought Europe

Extreme Weather Hampers Grain Production — Droughts in France and Germany, Floods in Ohio

Two of the world's most important crops, corn and wheat, are on track to meet global demand, despite water woes.

Opinion: Ethanol and Water

When thirsty people plant thirsty crops to fuel thirsty car…

Runaway Runoff: New Report Urges Better Monitoring of Mississippi River

WASHINGTON -- While a multivitamin a day may keep the doctor…