Amid Rising Water Rates, Massachusetts Cities Have Inequitable Affordability Policies, Report Finds

Policies favor homeowners, according to Northeastern University study.

Speaking Of Water With Peter Gleick - California Drinking Water Bill

Dr. Peter Gleick, President Emeritus of the Pacific Institute, discusses the new clean water bill signed by California Governor Gavin Newsom.

Chicago’s New Mayor, In Rare Move, Considers Water Shutoff Ban

Few cities have complete bans on the practice. But some restrict when water can be turned off and which residents are eligible.

The Water ‘Accessibility Trap’: Q&A with Alexandra Campbell-Ferrari and Luke Wilson

Authors of a report on local drinking water laws discuss the lack of water shutoff data and the fees that make it harder for struggling households to stay afloat.

In Maryland, Vulnerability to Water Shutoffs Depends on Your Address

New report highlights how local laws can trap households in a cycle of fees that influence water affordability, shutoffs, and timely bill payment.

California Water Board Outlines $606M Bill Assistance Program

The state looks for ways to help poor households with the increasing cost of drinking water.

Price of Water 2018: Utilities Revise Household Water Rate Formulas

Small increase in prices but some significant adjustments to water bill calculations.

Water Debt Not on the Menu in Baltimore’s Tax Sale Season

City and state officials take steps to keep residents from losing homes because of overdue water bills.

California Water Board Delays Affordability Report

Citing the need for more deliberation, California regulators delayed publication of a report that will outline their preferred plan to fund and manage a statewide program to help poor residents pay their water bills.

When the Water Is Shut Off

Cities employ vastly different strategies for late-paying customers.

Baltimore City Council to Introduce Water Affordability Package in 2018

Baltimore is the latest U.S. city to reassess water aid for the poor.

Panel Recommends Changes to Two-Decade-Old EPA Water Affordability Guidelines

The EPA has heard similar suggestions before. Will the agency act decisively this time?