Water Shortage Leaves Poorer Mexicans High and Dry in Coronavirus Fight

Water scarcity complicates attempts to sanitize the area amid the spread of the coronavirus disease.

UN Prepares First Evaluation of Higher Standard for Water and Sanitation

Clean water for all, a sustainable development goal, will be…

The Stream, August 9: Where Groundwater Is Running Dry

photos of the disaster. Where Groundwater Is Running Dry The…
Billions & Billions Served

Ned Breslin: Counted Like Sheep — Retooling the WASH Model’s “Beneficiary” Indicators (Part I)

I hate the word “beneficiary.” Beneficiary is a misleading indicator and driver of development assistance.

Do It and Prove It—Information Technology Opens Up the Water Sector

Organizations are creating tech tools to shine light on water supply operations—and improve service.