‘Transformational’ Water Reforms, Though Wrenching, Helped Australia Endure Historic Drought, Experts Say

California, in the third year of its worst drought ever, faces challenges similar to those of Australia. A panel of water policy experts and Circle of Blue journalists questioned whether the nation’s most populous state has the resolve to enact similar reforms.

Spending to Conserve Water on California Farms Will Not Increase Supply

Benefits go to agriculture, but won’t help cities.

With Moisture Scarce, California Water Providers Turn to Economic Tools

California’s record drought prompts water districts to increase conservation spending, drain rainy day funds, and dramatically swell water rates.

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Spider lilies fill the banks of the upper Flint River, near Thomaston, Georgia. Alabama and Florida also share the river basin, which the three states have quarreled over for more than two decades.

Lessons Learned? How Drought Has Shaped Water Policy in Georgia

Just as it was five years ago, a record-breaking drought is evident…

Oklahoma Sets Ambitious Goal for Water Conservation

Oklahoma's governor has signed a bill that would limit freshwater consumption in 2060 to current levels, while expanding the use of marginal sources, despite a projected 28 percent increase in population and 33 percent increase in consumptive demand.

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Peter Gleick: Transcending Old Thinking About California Agricultural Water Use

The debate about water use in California agriculture is stuck in a 30-year-old rut; relying on outdated and technically-flawed thinking that is slowing statewide efforts to meet 21st century challenges.