The Stream, July 3: India’s Looming Food Crisis

Millions of tons of grain in India are at major risk at the moment as they are lying in the open, exposed to scorching summer heat and monsoon rains, according to Reuters. This story looks at the country’s rigid regime of subsidies for grain farmers, the lack of storage facilities and the inefficient, broken public food distribution system that fails millions of impoverished people every year.

The Nile River’s falling water levels could threaten Egypt’s summer harvests, Daily News Egypt reported.

Farmers and ranchers in Texas are partnering with private companies to invest in water conservation, according to Reuters.

Australia’s prime minister has begun a campaign to promote the new tax on carbon emissions that came into effect on July 1. The controversial carbon price, designed to fight global warming and help curb the country’s carbon emissions, has become a major factor in the government’s struggle for political survival, according to Reuters.

Asian Carp
The U.S. Congress has approved a measure that will require the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to fast-track its study evaluating ways to block all invasive species from migrating from the Mississippi River basin to Lake Michigan, the Journal Sentinel reported.

Iran is pressing ahead with plans to desalinate water from the Caspian Sea and transport it to the country’s central regions despite criticisms over the proposed project, according to Iran News.

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