In Broad Strokes, Biden Infrastructure Plan Sketches a Future for Federal Water Spending

The Biden administration’s historic pitch to remove all lead drinking water pipes is part of a $111 billion proposal for water systems.

At Dawn of Biden Administration, Opportunities for Water Systems

President Biden put forward a $2 trillion climate plan that mentions a bucketful of spending options to shore up America’s built and natural infrastructure.

North Carolina, In Early Stages of Financial Review, Sees Potentially Large Number of Distressed Water Systems

North Carolina officials are working to develop a rating system that would identify public water and sewer providers at risk of financial failure.

North Carolina Panel Approves Bailout for Indebted Sewer System

Cliffside Sanitary District, which serves around 75 customers, is under state control because of financial hardship.

In Louisiana, Officials Pursue Fixes for Indebted, Failing Water Systems

Louisiana is another state putting priority on merging small, struggling water systems with larger neighbors. It's offering to cover the capital cost of connection.

Election 2019: State and Local Voters Face Water Infrastructure Funding Decisions

Ballot initiatives in Colorado, Texas, New Orleans, and Portland address flooding, financing, and watershed protection.

Houston Agrees to $2 Billion Sewer Fix

Houston, the largest city in Texas is the latest to face a federal order to plug a leaky sewer system. Fewer such orders may be coming.

Paradise Officials Unveil $53 Million Plan to Rid Damaged Water Pipes of Contaminants

Two years and $53 million is the estimated timeline and cost to overcome the extensive contamination of the water system in Paradise.

Mining Giant Behind Deadly Dam Collapse Took Lax Approach to Corporate Responsibility

Vale SA, the mining entity responsible for the deadly dam collapse in Brazil, took a lax approach towards corporate responsibility.

Water Utilities Call on Big Data to Guide Pipe Replacements

The drinking water industry says aging infrastructure is its top challenge. Can AI help?

Price of Water 2018: Utilities Revise Household Water Rate Formulas

Small increase in prices but some significant adjustments to water bill calculations.
Javier Serafin, a Los Angeles Department of Water and Power utility worker, climbs on a 144-inch outlet, which connects to an ultraviolet treatment plant that will be completed in 2019. Photo © J. Carl Ganter / Circle of Blue

2018 Preview: What Not to Ignore About Water Infrastructure

Communities need to invest in and maintain water systems.