The Stream, December 28: Water Policy Plans

Thailand is creating an $11 billion fund for flood water management…

Peter Gleick: Water Emergencies — Time for New Plans and Technology

The world faces a wide range of serious, complex, and long-term water challenges, from shortages to contamination to local and regional disputes over water to long-term climate changes. But there are other challenges that are short-term, emergency situations that could also be addressed by some new thinking and new technology.

Business vs. Environment: Ohio Governor Vetoes Lake Erie Water Withdrawal Bill

The highly controversial bill set the highest thresholds for water withdrawal permits in the Great Lakes region, sparking debate between environmentalists and businesses over the use of Lake Erie water.

The Stream, July 1: North America’s Greenest Cities

San Francisco is the greenest city in North America, according…
An aerial view of an intentional breach in levee L-575 near Hamburg, Iowa, June 20. The intentional breach was created by the local sponsor and approved by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers following a full breach of the levee June 13. The intentional breach was conducted by the sponsor to delay the time in which the area behind the levee would flood. The levee is located at River Mile 552 in Atchison County, Mo. (U.S. Army Photo)

Water Continues to Rise: Floods Rage in States along Missouri River

Towns from Montana to Iowa are bracing for flood waters as heavy rains fall across the region and warm temperatures melt record snowfall.

The Stream, June 20: Higher Food Prices

The world should brace itself for high food prices and volatility…

The Stream, April 6: Africa’s GM Food Trials

Rising population and chronic water shortages are forcing Jordan,…

The Stream, March 22: World Water Day 2011

The New York Times compares the water markets and policies of…

A Dry and Anxious North Awaits China’s Giant, Unproven Water Transport Scheme

Authorities anticipate approval for new western line to tap energy reserves. Sparks and the blue flare of arc welders, like hot stars in the night sky, illuminate the interior of a massive water tunnel that crosses underneath the Yellow River.

Businesses Get New Blueprint for Managing Water Risks

New guide from U.N. Global Compact’s CEO Water Mandate outlines how corporations can successfully engage in water policy and management.

Indigenous Groups in Ecuador Protest Water Reform Bill

The water legislation would consolidate too much power in the hands of the government, protesters say.