The Stream, July 1: North America’s Greenest Cities

San Francisco is the greenest city in North America, according to a recent survey that looked at 31 green indicators, ranging from consumption of water and electricity to efficiency standards, Reuters reported.

An influential member of the European parliament is proposing a new directive that would penalize or even ban the development of shale gas, the Guardian reported.

The New Jersey Legislature passed a measure to ban hydraulic fracturing. If Gov. Chris Christie signs the bill, it will be the first statewide ban on fracking in the United States, according to Bloomberg News.

Forbes analyzes investors’ role in tackling some of the hydraulic fracturing, climate change, sustainability and water scarcity risks in the United States.

Water scarcity is now firmly on the agenda of the world’s governments, The Wall Street Journal writes, as the water crisis is growing more serious.

Christina Larson reports on the tightening noose around China’s toddling environmental community.

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