Speaking of Water – Water Conflict Chronology

Podcast interview with Dr. Peter Gleick discussing violence associated with fresh water
Located in the central arid region of Tunisia, Metlaoui sees periodic bursts of rainfall which can cause flash floods. In 2009, floods damaged the cities main railroad, a vital line for the regions mining operations.

Tunisia’s Thirst Uprising: A Nation on the Edge

Despite major gains since the Arab Spring, Tunisia's future remains…
Satellite details from July 19, 2016 showing wildfires and smoke blanketing parts of Siberia. NASA/JPL

Projecting Global Water Supplies With A New Tool

ISciences develops predictive model for anticipating water stress. The…

Oregon Congressman Releases Draft Klamath River Bill

Legislation does not authorize or fund dam removal.

Landmark Klamath Basin Water Agreement Is on Verge of Collapse

Congress could allow year-end deadline for review and enactment…

Middle East Conflicts Jeopardize Water for Millions

Water is both a weapon and a casualty of violence in Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, and Yemen.

The Stream, January 22: Water Cooperation Far Outweighs Conflict

The latest issue of the UNESCO journal, A World of Science, is focused on the human face of water politics. Researchers have found that conflict is no more likely in arid nations than in humid nations, and that water conflicts, when they do arise, are not more or less frequent in a nation based on their wealth or political structure. The report is released in anticipation of the beginning of the 2013 UN International Year of Water Cooperation.

The Stream, December 5: Typhoon Triggers Floods, Leaves Trail of Destruction

At least 283 people have died in the Philippines following the…

The Stream, August 16: When Wells Run Dry

U.S. Drought Continues The drought has literally hit home in…

The Stream, July 11: Tensions High in Israel and Lebanon Over Water

Tensions have heightened between Israeli and Lebanese troops…