The Stream, December 5: Typhoon Triggers Floods, Leaves Trail of Destruction

At least 283 people have died in the Philippines following the landfall of Typhoon Bohpa, which triggered floods and landslides across the southern islands, AlertNet reported. Rescuers are struggling to find survivors, but efforts are being hampered by destroyed roads and downed communication systems.

In Papua New Guinea, the large Ok Tedi copper mine may have to shut down in the coming weeks due to a drought that has stopped vital traffic on the Fly River, Reuters reported.

The preservation of mountain regions needs to become a focus of global climate talks, experts said at the Doha climate conference, according to AlertNet. Mountains provide essential ecosystem services, such as supplying water and harboring biodiversity.

Water Tensions
India’s Supreme Court has ordered Karnataka to release a flow of 283 cubic meters per second (10,000 cubic feet per second) from the Cauvery River to Tamil Nadu, The Times of India reported. Both states have been struggling for water to sustain their crops, leading the court to also order the Cauvery Monitoring Committee to decide how much water each state needs.

The United States may release water from the Missouri River to aid barge traffic on the the drought-hit Mississippi River, making farmers in North and South Dakota concerned about their water supply, Bloomberg News reported. Water from the Missouri has kept the region’s farms in business during dry periods like this past summer.

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