As rains fall short, Manila trickles into a water crisis

As drought grips the Philippines, Manila is becoming the latest big city to struggle to access enough water.

Gina Lopez, Philippine Environment Secretary, Pursues Watershed Protection

Clear goals to enforce pollution laws jeopardize the new secretary’s job.

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Workers swarm a big water transport canal near Tilda, India undergoing repair and expansion to serve the steam production and cooling requirements of the region’s expanding number of big coal-fired power plants.

2012 Year In Review: At the Front Line of the Global Contest Over Water, Food, and Energy

Circle of Blue's senior editor Keith Schneider reflects on — and celebrates — this year's body of work from our top reporters.

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Infographic: Water Privatization in the Philippines

Breaking down the history of water privatization in the Philipine capital of Manila, this infographic explores the city's varied success with privatization using a timeline and a map.

Photo Slideshow: Water Connections in the Informal Community of Cuatro, East Zone Manila

When vendors and their customers spend less on water from the filling stations, both parties stand to profit, according to aid workers in Manila.

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