Phoenix Tests Water Shutoff Alternative

Before the pandemic, the Phoenix had started installing a device that severely limits water flow into homes that are behind on bills. Other utilities are interested.

As Cities Suspend Shutoffs, Water Access and Hygiene at Front of Coronavirus Response

Governments at all levels are beginning to review water access policies and inequalities that inhibit public and personal efforts to slow the spread of coronavirus.

Chicago’s New Mayor, In Rare Move, Considers Water Shutoff Ban

Few cities have complete bans on the practice. But some restrict when water can be turned off and which residents are eligible.

The Water ‘Accessibility Trap’: Q&A with Alexandra Campbell-Ferrari and Luke Wilson

Authors of a report on local drinking water laws discuss the lack of water shutoff data and the fees that make it harder for struggling households to stay afloat.

In Maryland, Vulnerability to Water Shutoffs Depends on Your Address

New report highlights how local laws can trap households in a cycle of fees that influence water affordability, shutoffs, and timely bill payment.

Counting Homes Cut Off From Water Is A Data Collection Nightmare

California utilities revolt against state attempt for more water shutoff information.

When the Water Is Shut Off

Cities employ vastly different strategies for late-paying customers.