The Pleasant Power Station, Willow Island, West Virginia. 1.3 megawatt coal-fired power plant.

FOIA Lawsuit Seeks Release of U.S. Department of Energy’s ‘Water-Energy Roadmap’

The report, one of two ordered by Congress on water and energy, has been delayed for years.

James Workman: Mandela’s Global Water Ambassador Dies — A Reflection on South African Human Rights Lawyer, Kader Asmal

When Nelson Mandela named South Africa’s first democratic Minister for Water Affairs and Forestry – a futile effort to keep his outspoken, irascible, chain-smoking friend out of trouble – Kader Asmal claimed ignorance about the rudimentary basics of his new portfolio.

Michigan Supreme Court Decision in Au Sable River Case Shores Up Protection for Environment

Court blocks dumping into a popular fly-fishing stream, sets precedent to protect Michigan waters from pollution.

EPA and State Department Square Off On Tar Sands Pipeline

Water use and greenhouse gas emissions are major concerns with oil interests plays.

Q&A: David Getches on Water Rights for
Indigenous Cultures

"How modern society is affecting our water culture and the rights of indigenous communities."