Fish Screens Are Part of The Answer to Saving Sacramento River Salmon

Out of social confrontation over water and fish in California…

EPA’s Proposed Veto of Alaska’s Pebble Mine in Line with Past Uses of Clean Water Act

Legal experts say process should provide certainty, not worry,…
S.S. Superior at the Port of Chicago

Report: Water Levels Hit Record Lows in Two Great Lakes, Wildlife Struggles to Cope with Changing Climate

Drought and reduced winter ice cover are contributing to declining water levels in the Great Lakes. As lakes Michigan and Huron hit record lows, a new report outlines what changes like this could mean for the region’s flora and fauna.

The Stream, February 8: In Texas, Recycling Wastewater for Drinking

Water Supply Wichita Falls, Texas is moving forward with plans…

The Stream, March 21: Drought, Fire, and Kenya’s Wildlife

Drought and Water Access A forest fire in China's Yunnan province…
Wild rice on the Bad River Reservation in northern Wisconsin is in the floating leaf stage by early June, with a single shoot lying on the water’s surface. This is considered one of the most critical—and and dangerous—stages in the rice’s life cycle. The plants are just beginning to change physiologically from exchanging gases with the water column to exchanging gases with the air. Therefore, they are very susceptible to heavy rains and flooding events that can either rip out the young plants by the roots, or drown them. June 6, 2011.

Where Food Grows on Water: Environmental and Human Threats to Wisconsin’s Wild Rice

For generations, the upper Great Lakes region has boasted harvests of wild rice, growing in Lake Superior and other watersheds within the basin. But disease, dams, and climate change are now endangering the uncultivated bounty.

Wildlife Elephants Fall Victims to Kenya’s Drought

More than 40 elephants have died in the past two months in the Laikipia, Isiolo and Samburu districts, as the severe drought challenges Kenyan wildlife’s capacity to feed itself.While a prolonged dry spell continues to plague Kenya, wildlife experts worry that the country’s 23,000 elephants might be in danger.

An Elder’s Prayer for The River

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Utah mining corporation indicted for water pollution

Discharging selenium into watersheds remains a major problem…

Water Bills Draw Flak from Northern Michigan Tribes

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Chinook salmon vanish without a trace

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China water supplies resume along China’s algae-affected Hanjiang river

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