El Nino Is Over But the Damage Continues

More than 60 million people face hunger, malnutrition. By…

Ethiopia Hunger Reaches Emergency Levels

Food crisis continues in midst of severe El Nino drought. Photo…

Food Security: Race to Prevent Famine As Drought and Food Crisis Plague Africa’s Sahel

An estimated 10 million people are struggling with growing food shortages in Burkina Faso, Chad, Gambia, Mali, Mauritania, and Niger, which have all declared emergencies and appealed for international assistance. Aid agencies and governments are now bracing to reach remote communities before the situation deteriorates into a famine.
North Korea Food Crisis

Differing Views On North Korea’s Food Crisis

Torrential rains, heavy summer floods, and typhoons have compounded North Korea’s dysfunctional food-distribution system, leaving millions — including many children — in danger of malnutrition, according to some media outlets and humanitarian-aid groups. But others contend that additional analysis is necessary to verify the circumstances.

Light Rains Bring Little Relief to the Horn of Africa

ETHIOPIA -- Months of drought have decimated cattle populations…