Report: 25% of World’s Agriculture Growing in Regions of High Water Stress

A new study from the World Resources Institute shows the connection between crops and water scarcity.
Arkansas River US Drought 2012

Study: Freshwater Food Webs Hit Hard by Drought

A new report out of the United Kingdom's academic world concludes that droughts can cause sharp declines in the number of species in a stream. Additionally, there is the potential for partial collapse of aquatic food webs.

The Stream, July 25: An Atlas of World Water Risk

Business An 'new gold' for the 21st century, banking on scarcer…
World Water Week

Stockholm World Water Week 2011: Megacities, Human Rights, Sanitation, Tech Tools, Energy, and Food

2,600 global experts. 100 sessions. Seven days. One issue: water.

Top Global Businesses Report Water Risks, Assess Water Use

The Carbon Disclosure Project’s water risk survey is one of many reports and tools addressing corporate water management.

Budget Constraints, Anomalies Delay USGS Water Data Release

tap Budget and personnel issues have delayed the 2005 U.S. Geological Survey national water use data, leaving many in the water world anxiously awaiting its release.