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Infographic: Bottled Water Imports and Exports

A new UN map highlights bottled water’s patterns of international trade. With France being the major exporter of bottled water, trade routes in Europe (between France, Germany, and Belgium) often involve intracontinental trade. The United States also imports a large quantity of water from France and Fiji.

Original image available here.

Source/Design : UN Comtrade/Emmanuelle Bournay

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  2. La (falta de) lógica del comercio mundial con agua embotellada…

    Este mapa de la ONU ilustra una realidad más que llamativa. El intercambio de agua embotellada no está basado en absoluto en las necesidades locales o en la disponibilidad de recursos (en la mayoría de países que consumen grandes cantidades de agua…

  3. […] La (falta de) lógica del comercio mundial con agua… por Peter hace 1 hora 8 minutos […]

  4. On the “Graphic: Bottledwater imports and exports, Importers”, are the graph bars at the same scale as the scale near the “exporters” graph?
    it looks like the US is importing 320 “thousand million” dollars!

  5. Link to original image is wrong!

  6. Thanks, fixed the link.

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