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The Stream, February 2: Argentina’s Drought

Shallow canals and low water levels in Argentina have grounded two bulk carriers, causing significant delays in the country’s major grains terminal, MercoPress reported. Concerns about water levels have prompted Argentina and Uruguay to agree to dredge the Martin Garcia canal deeper as the inevitable expansion of the Panama Canal will give rise to a new generation of vessels with more draught.

Two provinces in China are testing a new pilot water project that aims to financially reward upriver provinces if they ensure quality river water for their downstream neighbors, Xinhua reported.

China will invest in agriculture innovation in an effort to increase food production and ensure long-term supplies, Reuters reported, citing the Chinese State Council’s first policy document of the year.

Just for fun, here are pictures from China’s Harbin Ice Festival.

Tighter regulation, booming natural gas production and decreasing costs for renewable energy technology herald the end of America’s coal era, according to The Economist. But can demand from Asia stoke the industry?

The Earth’s land and ocean surfaces continue to experience higher temperatures than several decades ago, according to NASA’s annual analysis of global temperatures, Guardian reported.

The European Commission has invited the public to share views on how Europe can produce and consume more sustainably.

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Author: Nadya Ivanova , a Bulgaria native, is a Chicago-based reporter for Circle of Blue. She co-writes The Stream, a daily digest of international water news trends. Interests: Europe, China, Environmental Policy, International Security.

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