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The Stream, March 8: Damming the Mekong

Dams on the tributaries of the Mekong River could have a bigger negative effect on fish biodiversity and food security than the hydropower stations on the main river, new research shows, according to the journal Nature.

Extreme weather and climate change signal the emergence of a new normal that increases the risks at the intersections of water stress, food insecurity, and rising population and consumption, says Sandra Postel.

Poland plans to use its veto power on Friday at an EU meeting seeking to approve a 2050 road-map that lays out milestones for carbon reductions in Europe beyond the 2020 EU policy targets, Reuters reported.

South Africa will begin a comprehensive new study of the country’s water resources, including its groundwater, which will update the existing database and baselines, Creamer Media reported.

A new government plan to oversee mining and coal seam gas development on highly productive agricultural land has farmers in Australia’s state of New South Wales up in arms.

More than 90 schools, including Brown University and Harvard University, have announced they would ban the sale or restrict the use of plastic water bottles on campuses, according to Bloomberg News.

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Author: Nadya Ivanova , a Bulgaria native, is a Chicago-based reporter for Circle of Blue. She co-writes The Stream, a daily digest of international water news trends. Interests: Europe, China, Environmental Policy, International Security.

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