Summit on the Shore

At Circle of Blue Summit on the Shore, Dr. Jerry Linenger occupied the highest room at Pine Hollow, our remarkable host facilities. Fitting for the man who once held the record for longest time a U.S. astronaut has spent in orbit. Jerry joins the Circle of Blue board, bringing not only his unique perspective of the water planet, but his innumerable talents: two doctorates (medicine and research design) and two masters degrees (systems management and policy). His vision, backed by experience and science, is inspirational and grounding:

“Looking out the window I would see the great resources of freshwater on the planet. Lake Baikal, deeper than deep. The Great Lakes, well-named. The mighty rivers of the world – Nile, Tigris-Euphrates, Amazon – defining civilizations, past and present. But still, when stepping back and looking at the big picture, not so much different than our little orbiting space station. A closed ecosystem. Only so many sources of life-sustaining water. And all the creatures of Earth, just like the three of us circling it, all dependent on water.”

Circle of Blue Summit on the Shore at Pine Hollow
ELK RAPIDS, MICH. (May 11-13) – How does one describe a monumental gathering of creative minds meeting together on the shores of Lake Michigan to define the broadest impact for Circle of Blue? At least for now, until we can internalize the sheer scope of the event’s outcomes, let’s turn to two participants who share the experience in their blogs:

Alon Halevy’s Blog: Circle of Blue

Flip: Circle of Blue

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