NatureNews special issue dedicated to global water crisis

NatureNews has produced a special issue for March 2008 entitled “Water: Under Pressure,” which features a wide range of stories on the global water crisis. Read more here.


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  1. Ayesha Lakhani says:

    Leaders who adopted the Millennium Development Goals in 2000 envisioned halving the proportion of people living without access to basic sanitation by the year 2015 – but we are nowhere near on pace to achieve that goal. Experts predict that by 2015, 2.1 billion people will still lack basic sanitation. At the present rate, sub-Saharan Africa will not reach the target until 2076.

    If we take up the challenge, the positive impact will reverberate far beyond better access to clean water. Every dollar invested in water and sanitation yields an estimated seven dollars worth of productive activity. And that comes on top of the immeasurable gains in cutting poverty, improving health and raising living standards.
    This will help all you people on this blog to do something along with the United Nations in your locality.
    Check this

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