Opinion: Clock’s ticking on a state water deal

With California in its first official drought since the early ’90s, state legislatures are being called upon to act in order to solve the state’s water crisis. From the Fresno Bee:

A comprehensive approach — new surface storage (dams), increased underground storage (waterbanking and aquifer recharge) and more effective conservation efforts — still seems a long way off. Democrats who control the Legislature and their environmentalist allies have been dead set against new dams. The governor, the Republican caucus in the Legislature and their allies in business and agriculture insist that surface storage must be part of the solution.

Against such a litany of pessimism, it’s hard to find any encouraging words. Yet there may be a few.

For one thing, it’s no longer possible for anyone to deny there’s a crisis. That builds public pressure on the governor and the Legislature for solutions. In many communities up and down the state, water rationing is either in place or being contemplated. That gets attention.

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Source : Fresno Bee