Water as big business

According to a Canadian Broadcasting Company series on the privatization of water, “In the past ten years, three giant global corporations have quietly assumed control over the water supplied to almost 300 million people in every continent of the world.” This is mainly happening in Asia, Latin America and Africa now, but plans are underway to expand to China and North America next. Peter Spillet, a senior executive with Thames Water in England, calls water “the petroleum of the 21st century.”

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source: celsias.com

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  1. David Douglas says:

    A question: with reference to the Canadian Broadcasting’s series on privatization–do you know when this was broadcast? Does this refer to the 2003 series, or one more recent?


    David Douglas

  2. Eric Daigh says:

    Hi David,
    Thanks for the question. This article does, indeed, refer to the 2003 broadcast.
    Eric Daigh

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