Water maven Maude Barlow named U.N. senior advisor

Renowned for her efforts against the privatization of water and for the advancement of water as a human right, Blue Gold author Maude Barlow now serves as the current senior advisor on water to Miguel d’Escoto Brockmann, president of the 63rd session of the United Nations.

Recently appointed to the position, Barlow told the Ottawa Citizen that she intends to work daily with Brockmann to guide the U.N.’s efforts on water, address power imbalances in the water sector and develop a plan to materialize the “principle of the universal right to water.”

“With my heart and soul, I believe it is the single most important environmental and human-rights threat of our time, and it’s the one hitting now. There is nothing ‘in the future’ about this [issue],” she told Canada’s Globe and Mail, which christened her the Al Gore of water.

Read more here and here.

Source: Ottawa Citizen, Globe and Mail

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  1. Linda Morrissey says:

    Maude Please with your new position within the U.N. address the pumping of up to FOUR MILLION GALLONS A DAY out of our watershed on a daily basis here in New Hope Pa. We have organized a watershed group and gathered water samples and done pebble samples in an attempt to develop a case but the DEP keeps issuing more permits. Its amazing to me but I know YOU understand. It boggles my mind as to why they are allowed to take our water for their business. Around 77 families have had wells drilled for them by the quarry. After , they say all is well and there is no problem. I was taught by the best, water is not a commodity.
    Thanks for listening

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