“Water Wars” Could Be On Tap for Great Lakes

TORONTO, Canada – Parched U.S. states could start “water wars” in the years ahead and fight for access to Great Lakes resources as they become more desperate to meet growing needs, Canadian and American experts said Wednesday at a water conference.

Southwestern U.S. states are already concerned about dwindling water resources, and the impacts of climate change are exacerbating their problems, said Environment Canada’s Linda Mortsch, who worked on the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change reports.

Source:The Canadian Press

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  1. Geoff Dabelko says:

    Enough already on the abuse of “water wars” for bitterly contested water management! Wars are armed conflict between two countries. Yet again we need to point to Aaron Wolf’s definitive work on interactions between countries on water and it just isn’t what countries go to war over, despite scarcity. The future may not look like the past, but the lose throwing around facile predictions of wars between states is just silly. It would be great if journalists and so-called experts found more precise ways to describe the terrible water crisis we face.

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