Bill McKibben & President Mohamed Nasheed

Video: Bill McKibben & President Mohamed Nasheed of Maldives in Copenhagen

South Asian paradise Maldives is one of the main countries most immediately threatened by climate change. With roughly 80 percent of its 1,200 islands one meter above sea level, Maldives’ President Mohamed Nasheed has become a spokesperson for lowering atmospheric carbon dioxide levels to 350 ppm.

Circle of Blue speaks with founder Bill McKibben and catches Nasheed’s speech at the United Nations Climate Conference in Copenhagen about the movement that has spawned around the figure. Meanwhile the groups are fighting to keep the 350 ppm level in the negotiating text.

“The Maldives team is fighting to keep 350 in the negotiating texts.” Nasheed said, “Continue the protest, continue after Copenhagen, continue despite the odds, and eventually we will reach that crucial number – the most important number in the world.”

“3-5-0 ensures that our country survives, 3-5-0 makes a better world possible.”

Bill McKibben, founder of the international environmentalist movement, reflects on build up to Copenhagen and the future of the climate movement.
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