Art for Water, ‘Water for Life’

With color and imagination, Japanese art arrived in Spain to tickle Europe’s water fancy. An exhibition by the Japanese Graphic Designer’s Association opened in Madrid on Wednesday with 282 posters calling attention to Earth’s water as part of United Nation’s “Water for Life” initiative, the AFP reported.

The display at Madrid’s Matadero contemporary arts center features poster-format works by 256 Japanese graphic designers and 26 students.

Calling attention to the world’s growing water challenges, the exhibit “helps to show the type of design that is done for the reality in which we live and work,” said Manuel Estrada, the head of Madrid Design Association.

The exhibition includes a depiction of the Earth as a drop of water as well as a provocative image of a baby in blue with an umbilical cord affixed to an image of the Earth.

The different perspectives on water have been on display in Japan since the U.N. launched the International Decade for Action “Water for Life” in 2005. The U.N. campaign will run for ten years -– until 2015 –- with specific commitments to halve the number of people without access to safe drinking water and sanitation, stop unsustainable water use, and develop integrated water resource management and water efficiency.

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Source: France 24

Inset photo courtesy of the exhibit’s website.

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