WaterViews | Production Credits

Managing Director
J. Carl Ganter

Senior Editor
Keith Schneider

Interactive Editor
Eric Daigh

Assignment editors
Aaron Jaffe
Nadya Ivanova

Connor Boals
Nadya Ivanova
Aaron Jaffe
Alex Lane
Aubrey Parker
C.T. Pope

Aubrey Parker
Jordan Bates

Aaron Jaffe
Eric Daigh

Creative and operations
Eileen Ganter

Hannah Nester

Web post-production
Eric Daigh
C.T. Pope
Nadya Ivanova

Director of Photography
Karen Mullarkey

Brent Stirton — http://www.brentstirton.com
James Hill — http://www.mjrhill.com
Janet Jarman — http://www.janetjarman.com
Greg Girard — http://www.greggirard.com
Anita Khemka — http://www.photoink.net
Sam Faulkner — http://www.samfaulkner.co.uk
Edward Burtynsky — http://www.edwardburtynsky.com
    Marcus Schubert, assistant

Field Production – United Kingdom
Caroline Cortizo

Contact Press Images
Jeffrey Smith
Robert Pledge

Getty Images
Kerry McCarthy
Peggy Willette

Chris Coulter
Rob Kerr
Gwen Cottle
Oliver Martin

Alon Halevy
Rebecca Shapley

Måns Hultman
Anthony Deighton
Chuck Bannon
Shima Nakazawa

Pacific Institute
Michael Cohen
Pat Brenner
Peter Gleick
Courtney Smith
Nancy Ross
Heather Cooley
Jason Morrison
Peter Shulte
Juliet Christian-Smith

The independent research of WaterViews is produced with a major grant from the Molson Coors Brewing Company.

Molson Coors
Bart Alexander
Nicola Helfert
Dan Lewis
Renette Rice
Peter Swinburn
Colin Wheeler

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