Infographic: Water and Energy

In Choke Point: U.S., Circle of Blue explores the emerging collision between the diminishing water supplies and the rising energy demand across the sectors of the U.S. economy.

Water is a crucial input at all stages of the power generation cycle, and as a result can be contaminated and severely depleted from the production and use of energy resources. Vast amounts of energy are also needed for the pumping, transportation, distribution and treatment of water. The two critical resources are engaged in a cyclical interplay in the core of the U.S. economy. The interactive graphic below visualizes different aspects of the water-energy nexus.

Graphic © Kelly Shea/Ball State University for Circle of Blue
A visual representation of the water-energy nexus. Click through the graphic for more information.

Graphic by Kelly Shea, a Ball State University undergraduate student, with contribution from Aubrey Ann Parker and Molly Walton. Reach them at

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