The Stream, April 22: Water Pollution Accidents

China’s water sector, the world’s third largest, with an estimated value of $48 billion, is attracting hundreds of millions of dollars in investments from multinational and domestic firms, a Reuters analysis says. More than half of China’s water needs treatment before it can be used in households, farming or industrial operations.

Pumping From the Red Sea
Six international bidders are now competing for Jordan’s Red Sea Project, a massive plan to desalinate water from the Red Sea to satisfy the country’s water needs over the coming decades. The plan promises to be one of the most technically challenging and expensive water projects in the world, according to Global Water Intelligence.

Pollution Accidents
A mining company will pay the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency $1.4 million for alleged violations in Idaho of the Clean Water Act, UPI reports. The company allegedly discharged wastewater with high concentrations of heavy metals and selenium during phosphate mining operations.

A Chesapeake Energy natural gas drilling well is spilling thousands of gallons of salty water in Bradford County, Penn., Reuters reports.

Meanwhile, the company has applied for a permit to explore possible shale gas deposits in the Karoo region, in the heartland of South Africa. Royal Dutch Shell’s application to drill in the area has caused strong local backlash.

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