Video: Julian Cribb Predicts "Diabolical" Future for World's River Basins

Video: Julian Cribb Predicts “Diabolical” Future for World’s River Basins

Agricultural journalist Julian Cribb forecasts a perilous destiny for the world’s river basins and food baskets, a destiny he attributes to climate change and unchecked agricultural demand for water.

Video by Aaron Jaffe for Circle of Blue

Consider Australia’s Murray-Darling, where iconic forests of red gum trees have gone skeletal from thirst. In small towns across the basin, farmers and residents worry their livelihoods may soon share the fate of their beloved gum trees. Cribb, also a professor of science communication at the University of Technology in Sydney, thinks the time has come to manage river basins with efficiency and environmental sensitivity. Farmers, whom he cites as primary managers, must rapidly begin sharing good ideas on a global scale.

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  1. John Wilson says:

    Dear Professor Cribb,

    Thomas Jefferson wrote: “I believe that trial by jury is the only anchor that can hold a government to the principles of its constitution”.

    What is going ahead for the Murray-Darling Rivers is, to put it mildly, CIVIL WRONG, ie; a tort, that, by way of a simple Statement of Claim, ONLY a fully informed JURY will judge the facts and NULLIFY BAD LAWS.

    This is how the PEOPLE exercise their SOVEREIGNTY.

    Yours sincerely,
    John Wilson.

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