The Stream, April 25: In Hot Water

The Financial Times reports on the growing local opposition to the Indian government’s plans to build a nuclear power installation on its western coast. Villagers fear that radioactivity and hot water from the facility will damage agriculture, fishing and health.

Meanwhile, Japan created a no-go zone around its crippled Fukushima nuclear power plant.

South Africa Postpones Karoo Gas Exploration
South Africa’s cabinet has imposed a moratorium on oil and gas exploration licenses in the dry Karoo region, Reuters reports. The moratorium will last until “there is conclusive evidence that there will be no unintended consequences on the environment.”

The BBC adds that hydraulic fracking in the region might put an end to South Africa’s bid to host the world’s biggest radio telescope, as fracking may cause radio interference.

2012 London Olympics
The 2012 Olympic Games organizers have published the first environment report for the Games next year. The document outlines a plan to host the greenest Olympics ever, yet not all of the green proposals will be delivered, the BBC reports.

In the meantime, London faces a hefty fine by the International Olympic Committee if it continues to break air pollution laws by the time the Games begin next August. The Guardian also outlines London’s Olympic pledges and achievements so far.

Gulf Stream
Can the build-up of fresh water in the Arctic Ocean divert the Gulf Stream? Scientists from 17 research institutes in 10 European countries have joined forces to find out.

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