‘This Is the Time to Act Collectively’: Anticipating Coronavirus Spread, Groups Seek to Scale Up Handwashing and Hygiene Efforts

Amid the global coronavirus pandemic, handwashing and hygiene are swelling in urgency and support, even though the message being delivered is not new.

Healthcare Facilities in Developing Countries a High Risk for Coronavirus Transmission

Few healthcare facilities in developing countries have complete water, sanitary, and hygienic services. They are vulnerable to Covid-19 transmission, health experts say.

Climate Change Magnifies Health Risks at Every Stage of Life

Floods, droughts, and warming temperatures are already increasing illness and disease risk and may pull back previous health gains, benchmark Lancet Countdown report finds.

As Legionnaires’ Disease Cases Surge, Lawsuits Pile Up

Can legal liability prompt action where regulation has yet to catch up?

Legionnaires’ Disease Cases Soar Again, Set New Record

The reported cases of Legionnaires' disease in 2018 increased by 33 percent, according to official federal government data.

Report: Updated Laws and Collaboration Needed to Control Legionnaires’ Disease, America’s Deadliest Waterborne Illness

A National Academies report has identified deficiencies in plumbing and building codes, policies, and research to prevent the spread of Legionella.

‘Alarming’ Increase in U.S. Hepatitis A Cases, CDC Reports

The resurgence of the viral liver disease hepatitis A is linked to drug use and homelessness.

CDC Releases Latest U.S. Legionnaires’ Disease Data

Legionnaires’ disease, a pneumonia-like illness, is the deadliest waterborne disease in the United States, killing about one in eleven people it sickens.

More Evidence of Nitrate Cancer Risk in Drinking Water

Case builds of health damage from a common pollutant.

Perfluorinated Chemicals Health Study Included in Congress Budget Deal

CDC will assess exposure to the chemical at U.S. military bases.

Many Questions as Expert Committee Begins Study of Legionella in Plumbing

The National Academy of Sciences addresses risks from deadliest U.S. water disease.

Deadly Legionella Bacteria Are Common in U.S. Building Plumbing

Water samples from cooling towers across the country show signs of the bacteria.