The Stream, June 24: Xayaburi Dam

Laos is moving forward with the construction of the controversial Xayaburi Dam, essentially breaching an agreement to suspend the project pending approval by ministers of neighboring countries, Reuters reported, citing International Rivers.

Salt water threatens to seep into wells used by public utilities in Florida, after a severe drought left surrounding wetlands without water to replenish the wells, UPI reported.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency will study the safety of hydraulic fracking in five U.S. states — Louisiana, Pennsylvania, North Dakota, Texas and Colorado, Reuters reported.

A bill that will allow farmers to spray pesticides near public waters, and thus avoid the Clean Water Act permitting process, passed in the Senate Agriculture Committee on Thursday, according to Los Angeles Times.

Heavy summer downpour in Beijing left many residents stranded, flooded roads and forced the temporary closure of three subway lines, according to Reuters.

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