The Stream, June 27: Food Prices, G20 and Global Food Security

The Council on Foreign Relations highlights the factors behind food price volatility, and analyzes why price volatility rather than high prices are the crux of global food security.

Why is China importing more corn? The Economic Observer reports.

Egypt has initiated a proposal in the World Trade Organisation to ban export restrictions on farm products to poor countries that are net food importers, IPS News reports.

The United States, Brazil and China joined forces at a G20 meeting last week to defeat proposals to reduce the use of biofuels and export bans, two of the main factors behind record-high food commodities prices, the Financial Times reports. Meanwhile, the European Union and leading international NGOs have criticized the G20’s food crisis plan.

West Antarctica’s biggest glacier is melting 50 percent faster than in 1994, contributing to a global rise in sea levels, Bloomberg reports.

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