The Stream, September 14: Global Climate Spending Grows

Global climate-protection spending totaled a record $567 billion last year, a 7 percent increase, Bloomberg reported. Latin America led the world in climate revenue increases with strong growth in its low-carbon energy production, as well as in the water, waste and pollution-control sectors.

China is launching this month a nation-wide check on water consumption in its energy-intensive service sector, Xinhua reported. The Ministry of Water Resources plans to allocate water quotas by region, industry and product to achieve maximum water efficiency.

A dengue fever epidemic could be spreading in Pakistan’s flood-stricken areas, according to the BBC. The sickness thrives in places with poor public hygiene.

The Wall Street Journal looks at the slew of new water-conservation technologies for buildings that are hitting the market.

A new initiative is urging African farmers to pursue “climate-smart agriculture” to soak up CO2 and conserve water, Reuters reported. This could enable them to gain access to billions of dollars in carbon finance, ultimately allowing the continent to meet its soaring food demand.

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