The Stream, September 15: Business and the Environment

U.S. coal companies have donated $1.5 million to House Speaker John Boehner’s political operation this year, The Wall Street Journal reported. Is this going to play a role in new and proposed environmental regulations?

California’s Central Basin Municipal Water District is paying nearly $200,000 in taxpayer money for favorable online articles “written in the image of real news” designed to show up on top of Google News, The Los Angeles Times reported. Is this blurring the line between promotion and real news, or is it an innovative strategy to increase the public agency’s visibility online?

Saltwater intrusion threatens to foul the underground freshwater supplies that provide most of South Florida’s drinking water, The Palm Beach Post reported.

Should water-guzzling industries work with local communities to effectively manage India’s water supplies? The BBC reports on pioneering efforts to guarantee the water security of both locals and multinational businesses operating in India.

How are climate change and global population increase going to affect Europe’s food supplies?

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