The Stream, October 5: Out of Water

Severe water shortages due to the La Nina weather pattern are threatening island communities in the South Pacific. Six months of low rainfall have left Tuvalu and Tokelau in a state of emergency and relying on bottled water. Officials also worry that the lack of rain will damage crops and spur a food shortage, according to the BBC.

The European Union may ban tar sand oil imports and other fossil fuels that fail to meet minimum environmental standards, the Guardian reported.

Efforts to ensure water, food and energy security should focus on innovative bottom-up strategies rather than large multipurpose projects, according to Peter Bosshard, policy director at International Rivers.

Chinese environmental groups are pressuring tech giant Apple to address pollution by its suppliers in the country, the Guardian reported.

The U.S. state of Montana is also under the gun to look at its water pollution, after a federal judge signed a settlement that requires the state to clean up streams and lakes in 28 watersheds, as well as limit the release of contaminants in order to comply with the Clean Water Act, Reuters reported.

A freeze on $200 million in U.S. aid to Palestine will likely hamper important infrastructure and water sector projects, Palestine’s economy minister told Reuters. Some Congress members are considering blocking U.S. aid to Palestine to oppose its bid for statehood.

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