The Stream, July 20: The Climate-Food Connection

The U.S. Department of Agriculture urges more study of the climate-food nexus, Reuters reported. With world food needs projected to increase by 70 percent by 2050, water availability will be a key factor in long-term forecasts.

In that case, why is the U.S. government such a staunch supporter of ethanol? A Purdue University study found out that biofuel demand in the United States is driving higher food prices, the Guardian reported.

This Alternet opinion piece tries to connect the dots of extreme floods, heat waves, droughts, and storms popping up across the United States.

IPS News reports why civil society in Latin America and the Caribbean is trying to defend the principles of sustainable development, as opposed to the model of a “green economy.”

Sierra Leone has launched a $61 million project to revamp three water stations and supply pipeborne water to three main cities, according to the AFP.

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