Photo Slideshow — Choke Point: China

A gallery of images from Choke Point: China, a new water-energy series about the tightening noose that could choke off China’s modernization.

Underlying China’s new standing in the world, like a tectonic fault line, is the increasingly fierce competition between water and that threatens to upend China’s progress. According to Chinese authorities and government reports, China’s demand for energy, particularly for coal, is outpacing its freshwater supply.

Circle of Blue — in collaboration with the China Environment Forum at the Washington, D.C.-based Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars — dispatched four teams of researchers and photographers to 10 Chinese provinces during December 2010.

Photos © Circle of Blue

Photographs by J. Carl Ganter, Aaron Jaffe, and Toby Smith/Reportage by Getty Images.

Ganter and Jaffe are Circle of Blue photojournalists, based in Traverse City and Chicago respectively. Smith is a British photojournalist represented by Reportage by Getty Images who specializes in global energy and environment matters. His further work can be viewed on his website, and he can be reached at

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