The Stream, October 17: Environment Harmed in Rush for Food Security, UNEP Report Finds

Global investments in food security are degrading the environment, eroding the foundation that delivers much-needed food to the world. An environmental focus will assure sustainable food production, according to a report from the UN Environment Program, reported by Xinhua.

Happy (Almost) Birthday, Clean Water Act

A moment of celebration for a turning point in the United States’ water-pollution control is marred by apprehension, The New York Times associate editorial page editor writes. House Republicans have consistently tried to trim the law back recently, and might succeed depending on November election results—a move that would leave communities around the country vulnerable to the various negative effects increased pollution promises.

Conservation Research and Investment

A robot will explore the toxic Gowanus Canal for the next few years, measuring pH, oxygen levels, temperature, air quality and salinity. The scientists behind the project, The New York Times reported, hope to better understand how and why oxygen availability affects fish survival rates and why, and reach other conclusions through an open-source data platform.

1.3 million-plus hectares of wetland around China’s largest freshwater lake will be designated as protected areas. Poyang Lake’s wetlands, Xinhua reported, will be reclaimed from vegetation, given boundary markers, patrol trails, and more.

A Climate of Abuse

Children suffer severely in the wake of climate-related disasters in South Asia, according to a new briefing. AlertNet reported that physical violence and sexual abuse is widespread following floods, droughts and storms.

Green Cities

By 2030, the world’s cities will double in size. Planners, AlertNet reported, should add more parks, trees or roof gardens, and other green spaces to filter dust and pollution and soak up heat-trapping carbon dioxide.

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