The Stream, April 30: Budget Cuts at Environment Canada

Federal budget cuts at Environment Canada, the country’s environmental department, have forced the agency to trim some of its wastewater monitoring programs and water conservation efforts, among others, Postmedia News reported.

Tens of thousands of refugees in a South Sudanese camp must be relocated immediately to escape life-threatening water shortages and diseases, the international aid agency Oxfam warned last week, according to Associated Press.

The opening of a 1,300-acre dump for low-level radioactive waste in remote western Texas has raised concerns about water seepage at the site, which sits above the vital Ogallala aquifer, Reuters reported.

What would the massive Gibe III dam project mean for the hundreds of thousands of indigenous Ethiopians and Kenyans living in the Lake Turkana Basin? Yale Environment 360 interviewed a Kenyan activist who’s helping lead a campaign to stop the construction of the dam in Ethiopia.

The Australian government is about to declare drought conditions officially over in the final two areas affected by a decade-long dry spell that also gripped most of the country until recently, the BBC reported. The end of the drought means that the special government subsidies to farmers will also be withdrawn.

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