The Stream, August 24: Brutal Attack Over Land and Water in Kenya

In the worst attack since post-election violence in Kenya four years ago, 52 people—primarily women and children—were killed in an ethnic clash over land and water, AFP reported.

Thousands more Chinese citizens living near the Three Gorges Dam may be forced to move as landslides sparked by changing reservoir levels become a serious problem, according to Reuters.

A proposed pollution tax in China would cover discharges of sulfur dioxide and waste water, but not carbon emissions, Bloomberg News reported, citing local media.

New research found that dramatic ice shelf break-ups in Antarctica may be underscored by a natural warming trend that began 600 years ago and have been exacerbated by recent climate change, Reuters reported.

Scientific American investigates whether or not climate change is to blame for the unusual outbreak of West Nile virus in the United States.

Chinook salmon have been spotted in the United States’ Olympic National Park for the first time, just a few months after the removal of the Elwha Dam, National Geographic reported.

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