The Stream, July 13: Big Water Discovery in Namibia

Research has revealed a large aquifer in northern Namibia capable of supplying fresh water to 40 percent of the country’s population for hundreds of years, the Namibian reported, citing government officials.

Who owns the water in New Zealand? The controversy continues over Prime Minister John Key’s comments on indigenous water rights, APNZ reported.

Israel’s Internal Affairs and Environment Committee passed stricter drinking water quality regulations this week, bringing standards in line with those in Europe and the United States, Haaretz reported.

The spiny water flea, an invasive species, is knocking on the door of Vermont’s Lake Champlain, according to the Associated Press. The flea could disrupt native zooplankton populations, which help form the basis of the aquatic food chain.

A lack of clean drinking water is a significant health threat in some New Delhi neighborhoods as water supplies in India are reduced by growing demand, CNN reported.

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