The Stream, June 21: How Much Water Does Fracking Use?

The Peruvian government’s attempts to tighten the screws on illegal gold mining, and reduce its environmental and health impacts are causing a backlash in many local communities, Nature reported. Meanwhile, scientists monitoring mining’s impacts are on the front lines of a battle between miners, environ­mental campaigners and the authorities.

Are world leaders settling for too little at the Rio+20 summit on sustainable development? Negotiators have agreed on a text that some describe as balanced while others consider too unambitious, the BBC reported.

Oil and gas companies in Colorado use as much as 48.7 million cubic meters (39,500 acre feet) of water annually in fracking operations — enough to meet the yearly residential needs of a population the size of Cincinnati or Orlando, Fla. — Los Angeles Times reported, citing a new study by the environmental group Western Resource Advocates.

Meanwhile, Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives have urged the Obama administration to expand proposed regulations for fracking for natural gas, saying that companies should be required to disclose the chemicals they use in the process prior to drilling, Reuters reported.

Tens of thousands of refugees in South Sudan are struggling to find enough water to drink and cook with, leading to an unknown number of deaths from dehydration and diarrhea, Associated Press reported, citing aid officials.

Why are yields of wheat stagnating in so many areas? New research pinpoints the major obstacles to feeding a rising global population.

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