The Stream, June 22: South Australia To Spend $2 Million On Campaign For Murray Water

South Australia has allocated $2 million to support its bid to keep more water flowing in the River Murray, AAP reported. States within the Murray-Darling River Basin are debating a draft plan for water management in the Basin, and are each struggling to get their share of water for agricultural, industrial and environmental purposes.

The carbon dioxide released by aquatic ecosystems will likely be more than is released by land ecosystems as the climate warms, according to a study by researchers at Queen Mary, University of London, United Press International reported.

A Q. & A. from The New York Times asks the director of Britain’s Social, Technological and Environmental Pathways to Sustainability Center to explain how putting a price on ecosystem services could hurt communities’ ability to access resources.

A Texas town’s search for the source of pollutants contaminating their water has led to more than a decade of official investigations and reports, but no answer, ProPublica reported.

A photo slideshow shows a massive sand-washing operation, in which silt deposits are cleared from the Yellow River, in China’s Henan Province. Previous sand-washings have swept 762 million metric tons of mud and sand from the river into the sea, Xinhua reported.

A drought in China’s Yellow River and Huai River regions has affected agricultural production on 5.17 million hectares of land and has caused a drinking water shortage for 4.28 million people, Xinhua reported.

Drought has also hit Seoul, South Korea, where precipitation levels are at their lowest in 104 years, United Press International reported.

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